Citi’s New Mobile App Helps All Consumers Manage Money

March 29, 2018, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Citi’s New Mobile App Helps All Consumers Manage Money

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Citi announced it will soon release a new set of features for its iPhone mobile app, designed to help consumers manage their money and pay bills. The update will allow users to see a “360-degree view across all financial accounts,” even if they are not members of Citibank.

Citi updated the bill pay feature on the app to help customers pay bills easily through their phones. Users now have the option to pay such things as student loans, mortgages and gym memberships through their iPhones. Citi also has an alert feature to notify customers when a bill increases, giving them better insight over recurring charges.

Users can set weekly spending goals and track their spending vs. income through the app. This may eliminate the need for a separate budgeting app. According to the latest Citi Mobile Banking Survey, “79% (of consumers) prefer to use a single app to manage all aspects of their finances.”

Interested applicants can sign up for a Citi account directly through the mobile app. If approved, they can immediately begin using their accounts without waiting for a debit card in the mail. The Citi app still gives consumers the ability to lock debit and credit cards, or send money through Zelle.

The new version of the app is currently only available for iPhones.

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