Citi Tests Voice-Activated Bill Payments through Amazon Alexa

July 6, 2016, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Citi Tests Voice-Activated Bill Payments through Amazon Alexa

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Citigroup is now testing the use of Amazon Alexa’s voice recognition software as part of the latest upgrade to its mobile banking app. The goal is to allow users to pay bills and directly access various account features with basic voice commands.

Citi is not the first financial institution to tap into Alexa’s abilities. In March, Capital One launched a similar program for their customers. Users can pay their credit card bills, review recent transaction histories, and check account balances with flexible voice commands on their Amazon Echo speakers, as well as the Amazon Fire TV dongle and other devices using Alexa’s technology.

In addition to bill-pay voice commands, Citi is testing the use of touch and facial recognition technology for identity verification on their mobile app. This will eliminate the need for passwords, and could provide better security for users trying to access their accounts.

This mobile app upgrade is the first major development coming from Citi Fintech, a technology startup within Citigroup that was initiated in November. Workers in this group focus on creating new ways to improve Citi’s technological offers and how consumers are able to interact with their accounts in a tech-driven world.

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