Citi Simplicity’s Appeal: No Late Fees

August 21, 2013, Written By Justin Hefner
Citi Simplicity’s Appeal: No Late Fees

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Tired of paying late fees because you’re always a day or two tardy on your credit card payment? With the Citi Simplicity card, you won’t have to.

This card boasts no interest for 18 months and no annual fee, but one of the most attractive features is that it has no late fee–ever. The card is gaining quite a following.

Citi spokeswoman Emily Collins described the thought behind the card: “We offer this to people who are interested in managing their finances responsibly, but lead a busy lifestyle. It’s for someone who really wants to streamline their credit card experience.”

The card may also be a response to the recent turnaround in credit card payments in America. More cardholders are paying their bills on time, so the profits in late fees are dropping significantly. Perhaps Citi feels they can attract new customers with no late fees without losing a great deal of revenue.

The downside to Citi Simplicity is the fact that it does not feature a rewards program and after the 18 month introductory period, interest rates jump to 16.24% - 26.24%* (Variable) depending on your credit worthiness. These are factors you must consider before signing up for a card like this.

If you’ve been looking to eliminate the somewhat staggering costs of late fees, you may want to consider a switch to Citi Simplicity. It could turn into the right card for you.

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