Citi Cardholders Can Now Dispute Pending Charges Through Mobile App

Citi Cardholders Can Now Dispute Pending Charges Through Mobile App

August 28, 2018         Written By Bill Hardekopf

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Citi has added a new feature to its iPhone mobile app, allowing Citi credit card customers to dispute pending charges on their iPhones without having to contact the bank.

Citi claims to be the first major credit card issuer in the United States to provide this service. Users can dispute a transaction for a number of reasons, including duplicate charges, canceled subscriptions or unauthorized charges. Citi will provide status updates on the app to notify users of the dispute’s progress.

Citi plans to add the dispute feature to the Android version of the app later this year.

The ability to dispute charges fits well with Citi’s suite of mobile features, including:

  • Mobile check deposits
  • Real-time notifications for account activity
  • Nearby branch and ATM locations
  • A search feature for the most recent 150 transactions on the account
  • Mobile bill payment
  • Card activation

Earlier this year, Citi announced they would be updating the bill pay feature for iPhone to support student loan payments, mortgages, and more. The iPhone app also has Touch ID verification and pairs with Apple Watches.

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