Chevy Owners Can Pay For Shell Gas From Inside Their Car

Chevy Owners Can Pay For Shell Gas From Inside Their Car

April 18, 2018         Written By John H. Oldshue

Chevy and Shell have partnered to develop a new payment option for gasoline purchases. Soon, select Chevy drivers will be able to pay for gas inside their vehicles directly on their dashboard.

This service is provided as part of GM’s Marketplace, with partners such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Priceline and Applebee’s. To use the service, drivers select a nearby Shell location on their dashboard and choose a fuel pump when they arrive at the station. After activating the pump and fueling, the program will automatically charge the payment method on file.

Members of Shell’s Fuel Rewards program can use their card on dashboard purchases. There is no cost to be join the Fuel Rewards program, and it saves consumers five cents per gallon at Shell stations.

The companies are promoting the service as the “automotive industry’s first embedded, in-dash fuel payment and savings experience,” but this is not the first feature of its kind. In January 2017, Ford and Exxon launched an in-car payment app that worked almost identically. Users could pay for fuel on their dashboards via touchscreen or voice command, and earn rewards through the soon-to-be discontinued platform Plenti.

Ford’s Speedpass+ app uses GPS to identify which fuel station a driver is using, while the Chevy version requires users to select from a list of nearby gas stations. Ford promotes the use of voice commands, but Chevy did not mention this function in the initial announcement. However, the Marketplace is ” designed for use while driving and it minimizes manual operation to keep eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel,” suggesting there may be voice command options for Shell transactions.

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