Chase To Make Banking Easier with 7 New Technologies

Chase To Make Banking Easier with 7 New Technologies

February 25, 2016         Written By Natalie Rutledge

This year, Chase plans to pilot seven new digital technologies intended to make banking more convenient.

At Chase’s 17,000 ATMs, consumers will be able to:

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  • Use their mobile phone to withdraw cash if they don’t have their debit card.
  • Withdraw bills in multiple denominations, including ones, fives, twenties and hundreds.
  • Cash their checks.
  • Withdraw large amounts of cash during branch hours.
  • Access their deposits more quickly.

Chase branches will also be undergoing major changes in the coming months. Tellers will be armed with tablets so that they can assist customers at ATMs.

It will also be easier for customers to open checking or savings accounts or apply for a credit card. Consumers will be able to “click to sign” at the branch and get their documents online, which will save time.

“Customers are constantly choosing to bank when, where and how they want,” said Barry Sommers, CEO of Chase Consumer Banking.

Chase reports that nearly 40 million of its customers are regularly using digital channels, and many more people are using the ATM rather than the teller.

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