Chase Expands Cardless ATM Withdrawals to Nearly All Locations

Chase Expands Cardless ATM Withdrawals to Nearly All Locations

August 2, 2018         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Chase announced an expansion of its cardless ATM service to nearly all its ATMs nationwide. There are now 15,000 Chase ATMs that offer card-free withdrawals.

This service works through mobile wallets using NFC technology. This includes Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. It is not available through Chase Pay at this time.

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Users can simply hold their phones up to an ATM and enter their PIN to complete a transaction. A physical card does not need to be present. The cardless program provides all the standard ATM features users receive with a physical card, including checking their balances, withdrawing money and making deposits. The PIN is the same for card-present and card-not-present transactions.

Chase recently linked Chase Pay with Samsung Pay, giving cardholders the ability to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards and Samsung Rewards with one transaction. This service also expanded the number of merchants that accept Chase Pay, since many do not offer NFC payments yet. Samsung’s MST technology works with traditional magnetic strip readers, so nearly any register can accept payments through Samsung Pay.

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