Chase Bank Will No Longer Replace Lost Debit Cards at Local Branches

August 9, 2017, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Chase Bank Will No Longer Replace Lost Debit Cards at Local Branches

Chase Bank customers will need to keep better track of their debit cards. The bank will no longer make instant debit card replacements at local branches.

If a customer’s debit card gets lost or stolen, he must call the 24-hour Personal Banking hotline at 1-800-935-9935. The customer can then request a new card to be sent in the mail. Delivery times vary, but most cards are sent and received within a few business days.

Chase first started phasing out the card replacement program in March. This service has been in existence since 2012 at approximately half of the Chase locations nationwide.

Chase appears to be stopping the program to reduce costs and lower the risk of fraud. Chase had a recent surge in fraudulent card requests, where people would use fake IDs to request a debit card for someone else’s account. Many branches were able to resolve this issue by requiring customers to use the same ID for a card request that they used to set up the accounts.

If your Chase debit card has been lost or stolen, contact your bank right away to cancel the old card and request a new one. Monitor your account and report fraudulent transactions as soon as you notice them.

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