CashPass Launches Mobile Platform for Visa Prepaid Cards

CashPass Launches Mobile Platform for Visa Prepaid Cards

June 4, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

CashPass Prepaid Visa users can now control their prepaid accounts on the go, thanks to the new app which will be introduced. The app will run on the Select Mobile Money platform, designed specifically for prepaid cards.

CashPass calls itself the “Visa Prepaid Card for Life,” offering many of the features you would expect from a prepaid card provider. Users can add funds to their accounts through direct deposit or one of the thousands of reload locations nationwide. They can then use their funds to pay bills, take out cash withdrawals from the ATM, make online purchases, or use it anywhere Visa is accepted.

With the new app, users will be able to monitor their spending and deposits, view detailed transaction histories and send money to other cardholders. The app will also feature a location-finder that tells users where the closest reload centers and ATMs can be found.

The Select Mobile Money platform offers Apple Watch and Apple Pay integration, keeping it in line with current trends in mobile banking. Apple Pay is now accepted at more than 700,000 locations, so CashPass users will have plenty of places to use their prepaid cards.

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