Boku Brings Carrier Billing to the Windows Store

Boku Brings Carrier Billing to the Windows Store

December 15, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Boku recently announced an agreement with Microsoft Corp that will allow Windows 10 users to pay for apps, games and music on the Windows Store using their mobile carrier. Consumers need only add their mobile operator account as a payment option. This deal signals the first time carrier billing will be offered as a payment option on Windows mobile phones, tablets, PCs and laptops.

To use the service, customers designate their carrier as a payment method in the Windows Store. Once the accounts are linked, customers can charge app and digital purchases directly to their mobile carrier account.

“Microsoft is a great example of a company that has always understood the value of carrier billing and, with the new Windows Store, they are creating a tremendous opportunity for developers and consumers alike,” said Jon Prideaux, CEO of Boku. “What’s worth highlighting about this particular implementation is that carrier billing will be offered across all Windows 10 devices, not just the mobile phone. This is consistent with the way in which we consume digital content today and proof that carrier billing is hardly just a payment method for on-mobile purchases. Its convenience, security, and ubiquity make it a great general-purpose alternative payment in any setting.”

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