Cards Against Humanity Charges $5 for Nothing on Black Friday

Cards Against Humanity Charges $5 for Nothing on Black Friday

December 1, 2015         Written By Natalie Rutledge

The makers of the popular card game, Cards Against Humanity, reached a whole new level of absurdity on Black Friday, charging shoppers $5 each for nothing—absolutely nothing. The only sales that were made in the company’s online store last Friday were these $5 purchases, not games, holiday merchandise or anything of value.

Instead of getting the option to buy a game on Black Friday, users were simply asked to input their credit card information, and subsequently thanked for their $5 purchase. Then, they were asked to make another $5 purchase. 11,248 people made a single purchase, but a surprising 1,199 people gave more than one set of $5. According to a statement from the Cards Against Humanity team, “One enthusiastic fan gave us $100.”

On Black Friday in 2014, the company sold bull feces for $6 a shot and amassed a whopping $180,000 in sales. The only problem was they sold the excrement for cost, which meant they didn’t get to keep any of the money that came from the ridiculous, albeit funny, sales scheme. This year, every $5 purchase was pure profit for the 18 board members at Cards Against Humanity.

What minimal proceeds came from last year’s sales went to a charitable organization called Heifer International. This year, the $71,145 was split among the team at CAH. The group posted a fully itemized list of how the money was spent, which included 760 pounds of cat litter, student loan payments, a custom men’s suit of armor and several charitable donations.

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