Cardholders Can Dispute Charges on Citi’s Mobile App

Cardholders Can Dispute Charges on Citi’s Mobile App

November 2, 2016         Written By John H. Oldshue

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Today, Citi announced that Apple users will be able to dispute charges within the Citi Mobile App.

Citi, the only credit card issuer in the United States to offer this feature, added a dispute option to their app to help give consumers peace of mind during stressful events. Cardholders can dispute charges for a variety of reasons, including receipt of damaged items, returned goods, duplicate charges or unrecognized charges. Once the dispute has been submitted, users will receive a notice in their app that Citi has received the request, and they can learn the status of their case and what to expect next.

“In a world that is increasingly digital by default, we are intently focused on servicing our cardmembers where they want and when they want,” says Alice Milligan, Chief Customer and Digital Experience Officer for Citi Global Cards and Consumer Services. “Citi is making great strides in transforming our servicing model and providing cardmembers the ability to perform key banking tasks in their channel of choice. With this new dispute functionality within our mobile app, we’re excited to further elevate the digital experience and reimagine what mobile banking looks like.”

Other new features on the Citi Mobile App include:

  • Credit limit increase requests: Cardholders who would like a higher credit limit can now request a review via the app.
  • Recurring charges: Users can see a list of recurring charges on their account.
  • Paperless statement enrollment: Cardmembers will no longer need to log-in to the website to request paperless statements.

The dispute charges feature will be added to the Android app later this month.

Citi also recently introduced Citi Quick Lock, which is a new feature allowing cardholders to “lock” their account from Citi Online or via the Citi Mobile App. This ensures no unauthorized charges are made to the account if a card is lost or stolen.

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