More about the Horizon Gold

Our fast and easy application could be just what you need. A $500 credit line could be available to you faster than you ever thought possible.

  • Instant $500 Credit Line*
  • No Credit Check
  • Fast Online Application
  • Bad Credit – OK

*See Terms & Conditions for Details

Reviewing The Horizon Gold Card

Consumers who may be considering this card need to fully understand the card’s limitations, and dig into the rates and fees of the card in order to make an informed decision.

Some Facts About The Horizon Gold Card

This card can only be used at the Horizon Outlet online store, and nowhere else. Once you are approved for the card, you must pay $24.95 each month to be part of the Horizon Gold Services Membership. This gives you the opportunity to shop at the Horizon Outlet online store, a discount store which offers a wide variety of merchandise. You will also be charged a one-time activation and card issuance fee of $5.

Main Benefits Of The Horizon Gold Card

You will receive a $500 line of credit upon being approved for the card. There is no credit check needed to be approved for this card. You will not be charged any interest on your purchases. The $24.95 monthly services membership fee makes you part of several plans: their Universal RX Prescription Discount Plan, where you can receive up to 40% off covered medications at participating pharmacies; a legal assistance plan, where you receive one free telephone or office consultation with a network attorney; and a roadside assistance plan, where you may be covered for up to $50 per call (a maximum of three calls per year) if you run out of gas, are locked out of your car, or have a flat tire.

Main Drawbacks Of The Horizon Gold Card

The card can only be used at the Horizon Outlet online store so unless you are an avid shopper at that store, the card will be of very little benefit. Once you order merchandise from that store, you must pay shipping fees, a $2 delivery fee and another $2.50 fee charged to verify your signature upon delivery. The monthly services membership fee of $24.95 adds up to nearly $300 per year.

Who The Horizon Gold Card Is Good For?

Only people that are avid shoppers on the Horizon Outlet online store and are willing to pay nearly $300 per year for that opportunity should consider this card.

Other Cards To Consider

Rather than paying nearly $300 in fees to an issuer each year, consumers with poor or limited credit may want to consider a secured card. With any secured card, you will have to put down a security deposit, but that will be refunded to you once you close your account and pay off your entire balance. A number of secured cards report your account activity to all three major credit bureaus, so proper use of those cards will help build your credit profile over time. Some secured cards to consider are the Capital One Secured Mastercard or the Citi Secured Mastercard, both of which have no annual fee.