Gloss Prepaid Visa® RushCard

Gloss Prepaid Visa® RushCard
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  • Most Attractive : Prepaid card, relatively low fees
  • Least Attractive : Few perks or benefits
  • Editor Rating :

Poor Credit

    • Stay connected — keep track of your money on your mobile phone with the RushCard app. *
    • Get your government benefits up to two days early with Direct Deposit. Certain restrictions apply*
    • Safer than carrying cash. With the Visa Zero Liability policy your funds are protected if your card is lost or stolen.*
    • Real time activity alerts sent to your mobile phone via text or email.*
    • Your funds are FDIC-Insured through MetaBank®, Member FDIC. Card accounts are subject to ID Verification.*
    * Certain restrictions apply. See card site for details. Click on "Apply Now" to learn more about Gloss Prepaid Visa RushCard.