Fingerhut Credit Account
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More about the Fingerhut Credit Account
  • Easy application! Get a credit decision in seconds.
  • Fingerhut offers all sorts of awesome products, like clothing, electronics, furniture and more.
  • A WebBank/Fingerhut Credit Account could help you build your buying power by reporting your on-time payments to all three credit bureaus.
  • There’s no annual fee and no application fee.
  • *See the complete WebBank/Fingerhut Credit Account Terms and Conditions.

Reviewing The Fingerhut Credit Account

The Fingerhut Credit Account, a credit card that can be only used at and purchasing from the Fingerhut catalog, is a product created for people with less than perfect credit. You can use the account to purchase any of the 450,000 items from Fingerhut on credit. If you are trying to build or re-establish your credit, getting a Fingerhut Credit Account may help, but you have to make sure to make all of your monthly payments on time and keep your balance below the designated credit limit. The Fingerhut Credit Account is issued by WebBank.

Main Benefits Of The Fingerhut Credit Account

The Fingerhut Credit Account presents a way for shoppers to purchase items on credit from the Fingerhut catalog or It has relatively low fees for a card designed for people with low credit scores. In fact, there are no annual, monthly or one-time fees associated with this account. In addition, there is no application fee when applying for a Fingerhut Credit Account.

The account can help cardholders build or re-establish credit since it reports to all three major credit bureaus. The judicious use of this account will be noted by these agencies and help consumers in their quest to build their credit.

The Fingerhut Credit Account does not require a security deposit since it is an unsecured account. Applicants find out almost immediately whether they are approved for the account, and the online application is extremely easy to navigate.

Main Drawbacks Of The Fingerhut Credit Account

This Fingerhut Credit Account can only be used to make purchases on and through the Fingerhut catalog.

The APR on the Fingerhut Credit Account is extremely high, so it’s important for cardholders to pay off their balance in full and on time each month in order to avoid heavy interest charges.

Who The Fingerhut Credit Account Is Right For

If consumers are looking to build their credit, and they shop on or through the Fingerhut catalog, they may want consider getting a Fingerhut Credit Account. Since the account will be reported to the major credit bureaus, proper account management will help build the consumer’s credit profile. But financially prudent cardholders will pay off their balance every month in order to avoid the high interest rates charged by the issuer.