Card-Free ATMs Coming to Australia

Card-Free ATMs Coming to Australia

May 8, 2014         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Australian banks are taking a new spin on ATM technology by offering ATMs that do not require a debit or credit card. Within the coming months, cardholders across the continent will be able to pull money out of an ATM simply with a smartphone app.

There are two banks taking part in this movement. The Commonwealth Bank does so by giving users an eight-digit cash code to enter into the machine and a four-digit PIN. Withdrawals through this method are limited to $200 a day.

Westpac is set to launch a similar program a few months later that will require customers to call a customer service center to get a six-digit code to use at the ATM. The withdrawal limit is $1,000 a day.

Cardless ATMs could spawn a new set of problems with identity theft, so these issuing banks are taking some steps to guard against that fraud. Commonwealth Bank will make their cash codes valid for just 30 minutes, and Westpac has a series of questions on the phone to verify someone’s identity before a withdrawal.

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