Capital One Introduces Eno, an SMS Chatbot

March 13, 2017, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Capital One Introduces Eno, an SMS Chatbot

Capital One launched a text message-based chatbot named ‘Eno’ that can help manage your credit card and bank accounts.

Eno is “one” spelled backwards.

Eno works a lot like Siri or Alexa, only you interact with the assistant via SMS chat instead of just by voice . Also, unlike Siri or Alexa, Eno’s only function is to allow users to manage their Capital One bank accounts and credit cards via text message .

Eno can:

  • Check account balances for your Capital One credit card or checking and savings accounts
  • Review your transaction history
  • Remind you of upcoming due dates
  • Tell you your available credit and credit limit
  • Allow you to pay your credit card bill and provide a payment history
  • Provide your routing number

Not only can Eno respond to natural speech, it also recognizes certain emojis. For example, it will respond to the “bag of money” emoji with an account summary or send a “thumbs up” to confirm payment. You can also use abbreviations, such as “Bal” to check your balance.

While you cannot yet send money using Eno, Capital One said they are working on this feature and hope to add it soon.

Eno is not yet available to all Capital One customers, but you can join the waitlist.

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