Capital One Card Payments by Voice Command Available Through Amazon Alexa

Capital One Card Payments by Voice Command Available Through Amazon Alexa

March 15, 2016         Written By John H. Oldshue

Capital One cardholders can now use Amazon Alexa to pay credit card bills by voice and access a variety of other information about their payment accounts. Amazon has enhanced the features on its Alexa voice command program, which is currently available on the Amazon Echo speaker, the Fire TV dongle, Amazon Tap, and other devices.

Through the new system, customers can find out how much money they’ve got in their checking or savings accounts simply by telling their Amazon device to do so. They can also instruct Alexa to pull up their credit card balances, review recent card transactions, and complete credit card payments for them. As long as a customer has a checking or savings account linked to their Capital One credit card, the cardholder can utilize the voice commands to pay any portion of the balance on the credit card.

The voice commands are fairly flexible. Customers do not have to use specific phrases to complete their transactions. Instead, they can talk to Alexa much like they would a representative on the phone. The phrase “Alexa, ask Capital One to…” lets the system know to listen for a command related to one of the customer’s Capital One accounts. That is followed by something along the lines of “pay my Quicksilver credit card bill” or “review recent transactions.”

The payment system is not available for other financial institutions at this time, but Capital One users now have a new way to pay off their bills with Amazon.

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