Bubbly Launches New Payment Engine Using Carrier Billing, Not Credit Cards

Bubbly Launches New Payment Engine Using Carrier Billing, Not Credit Cards

June 9, 2014         Written By Lynn Oldshue

The mobile social network Bubbly recently announced a new payment engine that operates on carrier billing, rather than credit cards. With this payment processor, mobile users can make purchases on their phones without having to use a credit card. Their charges get added to their phone bills.

“No one has done app integration across all carriers, but we have. It took us six years to build it out and it can work with all app stores,” said Bubbly founder and CEO Thomas Clayton said.

App developers can use the payment engine to process payments for their app without requiring users to tie in their credit cards.

The new payment engine is set up as a third party product, even though it is run by Bubbly internally. With the new system, app developers can reach out to people who do not wish to put their credit cards on their phones.

“The cool thing about this is that right now we are a B2C play and now it would be a B2B play for third parties,” said Clayton. “The cool capability it gives developers is that probably 90% of app users in our markets don’t have credit cards tied to their phones, so app developers can’t monetize them.”

Bubbly has a reported 40 million users.

The company’s new system will mostly be used in Asian countries because that is where the social network is based. However, we may soon see this innovative carrier billing program in other countries as app developers begin to see its benefits.

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