BillGuard App Alerts Credit Card Users of Data Breaches

BillGuard App Alerts Credit Card Users of Data Breaches

May 20, 2014         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Want to know about a potential credit card breach before the news hits the mainstream media? A new app for Android users may allow you to do just that.

It’s called BillGuard, and it is designed to alert you of a potential security issue with your credit card long before you’d find out from the store or the media.

Originally, the BillGuard app was designed for Apple products as a way to help users control their spending habits. While that function still exists for Android, it has been upgraded to detect unusual spending on one of your accounts. By learning how you use your cards throughout the month, the app will alert you as to when you may have an issue.

BillGuard is unique in that it tracks your spending habits and tells you if you are spending more or less on a certain type of item than you did last month. The app enables you to see your budget for the month and a running total of your spending in order to see if you need to cut back. It allows you to set different budgets for various kinds of expenses.

There were a reported 328 major data breaches in 2013, and many of them were not discovered until long after they occurred. This app could give you foresight into these potential problems so you do not become the victim of credit card fraud.

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