Belk Launches New Rewards Credit Card

July 18, 2018, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Belk Launches New Rewards Credit Card

Belk and Synchrony have teamed up to launch a new rewards credit card. The Belk Mastercard builds on the existing rewards system for store cards, but also provides additional points for out-of-store shopping.

There are three tiers for the new Belk co-branded credit card: Belk Rewards, Belk Premier Rewards and Belk Elite Rewards. All of the cards offer receipt-free returns, access to exclusive savings events throughout the year, early access to store promotions, and a conversion rate where 1,000 points equals $10 at Belk.

The rewards structure varies by card. Standard Rewards cardholders earn three points per $1 spent at Belk. Premier cardholders earn four points per $1 and Elite members earn five points per $1. All the cards offer two points per $1 spent at grocery stores and gas stations, along with one point per $1 for all other transactions.

The tiers are based on annual spending. According to the terms and conditions for Belk Rewards, a customer must spend at least $600 at Belk each year to qualify for Premier status. To reach the Elite tier, a user must spend $1,500 a year at Belk. Once a person qualifies for an upgrade, the new status will be effective during the next billing cycle. If consumers do not maintain eligibility during a calendar year, they will be demoted to the tier below.

Applications are available online. Approved applicants will receive 20% off their purchases for the first day, along with $10 in Belk Rewards Dollars if they make their first purchase that day.

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