Bebe Confirms Credit Card Data Breach

Bebe Confirms Credit Card Data Breach

December 8, 2014         Written By John H. Oldshue

Bebe Stores Inc., a women’s clothing retailer, has officially confirmed a data breach at its stores during the month of November. The breach is expected to impact shoppers from the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands who visited Bebe between November 8 and November 26.

Last week, KrebsOnSecurity reported an East Coast bank discovered several of its customers’ cards were being pedaled on a new cybercrime shop called Goodshop. Further research found these cards had all been used at Bebe Stores.

The company insists that customers using the mobile site and visiting its stores in Canada were not affected by the breach. Based on the reported dates for the breach, this event did not impact Thanksgiving and Black Friday shoppers.

Bebe has 175 retail stores as well as 35 outlet locations.

“Our relationship with our customers is of the highest importance. We moved quickly to block this attack and have taken steps to further enhance our security measures,” CEO Jim Wiggett said in a statement.

Bebe joins a growing list of retail chains that have been affected by data breaches during the last year, including Target, Home Depot, Kmart and Neiman Marcus.

Following the precedent set by many other retailers this past year, Bebe is offering free credit monitoring services for one year for anyone who shopped at one of their stores during the time of the breach. Consumers should keep an eye on their credit card accounts and report unauthorized charges as quickly as possible.


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