Bank of America’s Virtual Assistant Erica Reaches 1 Million Users

June 12, 2018, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Bank of America’s Virtual Assistant Erica Reaches 1 Million Users

Today, Bank of America announced they have surpassed one million users for their virtual assistant, Erica. This achievement occurred just two months after the official launch of the service, which came as part of a widespread update to the bank’s mobile app.

Erica is essentially a voice-controlled search engine for the Bank of America app. The bank says most customers use Erica to find transactions, get their credit scores, or review transaction history. Users can also send money through Zelle with Erica.

While this is a solid figure, one million users is still far behind Siri’s 41.4 million active users and the 2.6 million active users for Alexa.

PayPal’s CEO Dan Schulman, in a recent interview with Jim Cramer, was asked if Erica was a potential threat. Schulman laughed as though he had never heard of Erica, and went on to joke, “I don’t know. I thought Veronica was…”

Bank of America is launching more new features for their app this week, including a new chat service that connects users directly with customer service specialists, and a guide for new users to set up their e-statements and fingerprint IDs.

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