Bank of America Offers New Features for Mobile App

Bank of America Offers New Features for Mobile App

February 1, 2016         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Bank of America added new features to its mobile app in January, including the option to lock and unlock debit and credit cards directly from your phone. Customers can place a temporary lock on their accounts to prevent new card transactions and ATM withdrawals from occurring, or they can report a permanently lost card and request a replacement.

Another feature coming out later this year is two-way email fraud alerts. Bank of America already offers two-way text messaging for credit card alerts, but the new feature will provide the same convenience in an email form. Accountholders will get an email about suspicious card activity so they can review the transactions and authorize which ones are valid. This speeds up the hold process on accounts with suspicious card activity.

The new app will provide more flexibility for deposit applications, including the ability to save an online or mobile deposit to complete at a later date.

In addition to these changes, Bank of America will be offering free FICO scores for credit cardholders for the first half of the year. Consumers can view their scores online starting the month they enroll. This option will be available on the mobile app later this year.

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