Avoid Credit Card Theft with RFID-Blocking Blue Jeans

January 5, 2015, Written By Natalie Rutledge

Credit card security is so concerning these days that a new pair of jeans has been developed to protect consumers from credit card theft.

READY Jeans from Norton and Betabrands are designed with RFID-blocking fabric in the pockets. Radio Frequency Identification technology is used in many smart cards, allowing users to simply wave their cards in front of the card reader in order to make a payment.

While RFID cards can be convenient to use, they can also increase the risk of identity theft. Someone walking by with an RFID-enabled credit card skimmer could steal your card information without ever having to get hold of your card. Purses, wallets and pants pockets are all thin enough for the frequencies to travel through, making identity theft easier than ever before.

The jeans are scheduled to go on sale in February and will retail for $151.

Norton created READY Jeans as a way to help consumers protect themselves against this high-tech fraud. The idea has some merit, but it may not necessarily be the most practical approach to identity theft protection. RFID-blocking wallets have been on the market for several years, and these are more user-friendly than a pair of jeans that cannot be worn at all times. If you’re looking for protection, a new wallet would seem to be a much better alternative.

Norton is also working on a five-pocket sweater that utilizes the same fabric.

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