PayPal Here Redesigned to Accept Chip-and-PIN Credit Cards in Australia

April 10, 2014, Written By Natalie Rutledge
PayPal Here Redesigned to Accept Chip-and-PIN Credit Cards in Australia

PayPal Here is a mobile app and bluetooth device which allows small businesses in Australia to accept credit cards on their smartphones. The new model is designed to work with chip and PIN cards.

Users will not have to plug their readers into their headphone jacks to accept credit cards. They can do so wirelessly through Bluetooth technology.

While the original reader was available for free, the new reader costs $139 AUD, plus 1.95% to 2.95% per transaction.

“With PayPal Here we’re proud to offer small businesses a solution that helps them take advantage of every sales opportunity, enabling secure payments online, on mobile and in-store, wherever or whenever they do business,” said Andrew Rechtman of PayPal Australia.

It would seem to only be a matter of time before the card reader is offered in the United States. The U.S. is working its way toward chip and PIN technology due to the rash of credit card breaches.

The new device is available in many parts of Europe, and it should make its way throughout Australia by the end of the year. This gives merchants just one more way to conveniently accept credit cards.

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