Atom Tickets Integrates Chase Pay with Their Movie Ticket Purchasing App

Atom Tickets Integrates Chase Pay with Their Movie Ticket Purchasing App

December 19, 2016         Written By John H. Oldshue

Starting early next year, the mobile movie ticket purchasing platform Atom Tickets will be integrating Chase Pay into their app and website. Moviegoers will be able to pre-order tickets and concessions from more than 15,000 theaters using their Chase Pay accounts.

As part of the Atom Tickets system, users can coordinate movie nights with friends and split the payments within the app. The orders are processed together, but everyone is able to pay separately rather than having one person pay and then get paid back. Customers can invite their friends to join them at the movies through Facebook or their phone contact lists.

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Like a number of pay-ahead services, Atom Tickets allows users to skip the lines and go directly to the concession stands to scan their QR codes on their phones. Chase Pay recently partnered with LevelUp to provide a similar option for restaurants. That option is only currently available in Boston, but will soon spread throughout the nation.

Competing movie ticket seller Fandango announced earlier this year that it would allow users to buy tickets directly through Facebook and the iPhone messaging app. While this service may have a wider appeal, the Atom Tickets platform uses information from previous purchases and Facebook posts on the user’s account to recommend additional movies. Many buyers are still skeptical about processing payments through Facebook because of the amount of information they share on social media. Chase Pay and Atom Tickets could be the preferred option for those who do not wish to pay via Facebook.

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