Argentina Now Tracking Citizens’ Card Purchases

September 4, 2012, Written By John H. Oldshue
Argentina Now Tracking Citizens’ Card Purchases

In a move that cracks down on tax evasion, the government of Argentina is now requiring every debit and credit card purchase be reported to the country’s tax authorities.

In addition, the government has added a 15 percent tax surcharge on every purchase made outside the country using a debit or credit card issued by one of the country’s banks. This includes transactions made on eBay and Amazon as well as purchases made via PayPal.

A significant number of citizens buy products on the Internet that can’t be found in Argentina, and this also enables consumers to avoid custom declarations. Now the government has a way of seeing what each citizen purchases.

The changes on credit cards were announced on Friday. The moves were expanded to debit cards on Monday.

Argentina’s Federal Administration of Public Revenue announced the tax will begin immediately and people will pay the tax with their monthly card bills.

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