Apple Watch Will Require 4 Digit Passcode for Apple Pay

January 21, 2015, Written By Bill Hardekopf

Apple Watch users who wish to pay for items using Apple Pay will be required to use a four-digit passcode to unlock the payment platform. Doing so will essentially turn the Apple Watch into a debit card working on behalf of Apple Pay.

This simple passcode is used as an extra security measure, much like the required code is on iPhones already. To make the process a little easier though, Apple is offering consumers the option to unlock their Apple Pay accounts on their smartwatches if they are paired with an unlocked phone. Users will still have to enter a code on the phone to open the option, but this could be convenient if someone has already used Apple Pay and needs to do so again.

At this time, the Apple Watch is scheduled to be released in the United States early this year. There is no official date for the launch at this time, but tech heads and Apple fans alike are jumping at the chance to test out the latest wearable on the market. Apple Pay is not the only app to be incorporated with the smartwatch. Users can listen to music, play basic games and check emails from their digital wrist devices.

If you plan on using Apple Pay for your Apple Watch when it releases, prepare to use a four-digit PIN to unlock your account.

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