Apple Watch Generates Nearly 1 Million Pre-Orders

Apple Watch Generates Nearly 1 Million Pre-Orders

April 13, 2015         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Apple’s new smartwatch could be another huge revenue producer for the tech giant.

Apple began taking pre-orders on its Apple Watch on Friday, two weeks prior to the product’s official launch date of April 24. Based on research from Slice Intelligence, pre-orders in the United States reached an estimated 957,000 units. The average buyer ordered 1.3 units and spent an average of $503.83 per watch.

Slice Intelligence compiled the data by looking at the e-receipts from 9,080 online shppers.

The Apple Watch comes in to sizes. According to the pre-order data, the larger Apple Watch (42 mm) was preferred by 71% of the buyers, compared to 29% for the 38 mm watch.

There are three versions of the Apple Watch: the Apple Watch Sport (starting at $349), one with a stainless steel case ($549 and $1,049) and one made out of 18-karat gold (starting at $10,000). 62% of the pre-orders were estimated to be for the least expensive version, the Apple Watch Sport.

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