Apple Pay Usage on the Rise

Apple Pay Usage on the Rise

December 28, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

According to a PYMNTS and InfoScout report, many Apple customers like the idea of using Apple Pay, but adoption has been slow, in part because consumers are unaware which stores offer it as a checkout option. A new app called PayFinders may have a solution to help overcome that obstacle.

PayFinders offers an interactive map showing consumers which local businesses accept Apple Pay. Recently, it noticed interesting trends.

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First, 12,673 North American merchants (95% of them small businesses) added Apple Pay. Brian Roemmele, creator of the PayFinders app, noted the jump on Twitter, “Christmas was good to the iPhone 6 series and Apple Pay adoption.”

Roemmele also noted that on Christmas Day, “indirect activation data suggested that the Target and Best Buy $100 off Apple Watch promotion may have doubled [the number of Apple Watch] devices in use.”

Another reason for the jump in usage could be due to the addition of Apple Pay badges to Apple’s Maps app, but those badges generally indicate large chains instead of smaller local merchants.

Over the past two days, PayFinders usage increased 750%, which believes could mean this new app has a small user base that is growing quickly.

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