Apple Pay UK May Soon Store Driver’s License Information

Apple Pay UK May Soon Store Driver’s License Information

May 19, 2016         Written By John H. Oldshue

Drivers in the UK may soon be able to store their driver’s licenses in their Apple Pay mobile wallets. A new photo released by the CEO of the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency, Oliver Morley, features a prototype for an updated version of the Apple Pay app, created through a collaboration between the DVLA and Apple.

The UK version of Apple Pay currently supports debit and credit cards, along with rewards cards, boarding passes, and other payment options. The driver’s license feature would be designed as an additional form of security, not a replacement for a physical driver’s license. In other words, people will still need to carry around their IDs, even if they have them stored in their mobile wallets.

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There is no information on when this feature may be released or if it is being developed in other countries. In order for such a service to work in the United States, each state would have to collaborate with Apple developers to create an acceptance for their individual ID cards. This could prove problematic.

However, some states have already moved in that direction. In August 2015, Iowa launched a pilot program allowing iPhone users to upload their ID cards to their smartphones with software from MorphoTrust USA.

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