Apple Pay Surpasses Starbucks as Most Used Mobile Payment App in America

Apple Pay Surpasses Starbucks as Most Used Mobile Payment App in America

October 24, 2019         Written By John H. Oldshue

For the first time, a digital wallet has more mobile payment users than the Starbucks app. According to research from eMarketer, Apple Pay now represents 30.3% of the market, followed by Starbucks at 25.2%. Google Pay holds 12.1% of the mobile payment industry, and Samsung Pay represents 10.8%.

Starbucks has had a longstanding reign over “proximity mobile payments.” This refers to payments made at a physical register using a mobile app. It does not account for mobile wallets used to make online payments.

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eMarketer estimates that Americans will make $98.88 billion in proximity mobile payments by the end of the year, ramping up to $220 billion by 2023. Their research also indicates that 64 million people will use mobile payments at the register, which is approximately 30% of all smartphone users in the United States.

Despite the continual increase in mobile payment usage, Juniper Research found only 14% of U.S. consumers use mobile wallets in stores. Their study showed consumers are more interested in contactless cards than they are in digital wallets.

Earlier this year, Starbucks enhanced their rewards tiers to encourage more users to enroll in their loyalty program. Users can now redeem as few as 25 Stars, while the former structure required a minimum of 125 Stars.

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