Apple Pay May Finally Expand to Mobile Websites and Macs

Apple Pay May Finally Expand to Mobile Websites and Macs

March 28, 2016         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Apple Pay may finally be moving beyond just apps, with plans to expand to mobile websites in the near future. Customers would be able to use their Apple Pay information to make online purchases, not just in-store purchases through the NFC technology on their phones. This expansion could dramatically increase Apple Pay’s hold on the mobile payment market, and could give customers a new reason to sign up for service.

The new service would only be available to iPhone and iPad users who are shopping through Apple’s Safari browser. Users would still be able to use their TouchID to log into their accounts with their fingerprints. Much like paying with PayPal, users would be given the option to pay with Apple Pay at checkout, so they could complete their transactions through their mobile wallets.

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Perhaps an even bigger announcement from Apple is the potential for adding TouchID technology to Mac computers. This means people using an Apple laptop or desktop would be able to enjoy the same secure login features that iPhone and iPad users have, and would be able to use Apple Pay to its fullest capacity. Apple has not officially confirmed if or when they plan to add this feature to their computers, but the rumors alone show promise for the future.

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