Apple Pay May Launch in Canada Tomorrow

Apple Pay May Launch in Canada Tomorrow

November 16, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Apple Pay may be coming to Canada sooner than you think. According to the latest report from iPhone in Canada, customer service representatives at American Express confirmed that the launch will happen tomorrow–Tuesday, November 17th.

While neither Apple nor American Express have directly confirmed this, the timeframe for the launch would fall in line with a previous statement that said Apple Pay would reach Canada and Australia “by the end of 2015.” So far, most Apple Pay rollouts have been “soft,” meaning that banks and financial institutions don’t have a way to announce the rollout until the support is already available online.

There is little information out at this time about Apple Pay’s launch in Australia, but that may very well happen at the same time as the Canada launch. The mobile wallet service made its debut in the United States in 2014, followed by an introduction in the United Kingdom in July of 2015.

Assuming that everything goes smoothly with the upcoming Canada and Australia launches, Apple Pay is scheduled to make its way to Spain, Singapore, and Hong Kong some time next year.

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