Apple Patent Targets Ads Based on Credit Card Balance

Apple Patent Targets Ads Based on Credit Card Balance

July 22, 2015         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Apple may soon be taking personalized ads to a whole new level if its pending patent application gets approved. The application outlines the possibility for Apple to check your credit card balance in order to push ads your way that it knows you can afford.

The new platform would be an opt-in service, so Apple would not check your account information without your permission. But after that, the program could assess the current status of your debit and credit cards to determine which ads are best for you. People with large available balances will be served ads for higher priced items, while those with little to no money left in their accounts will see more affordable options.

“Goods and services are marketed to particular target groups of users sharing a common profile which may be selected to increase the likelihood of the users responding to the advertisements and purchasing the advertised goods and services,” the patent application. “An advantage of such targeted advertising is that only advertisements for goods and services which particular users can afford, are delivered to these users.”

There is no guarantee that Apple would actually follow through with this plan, as there are thousands of patents currently in the system that have never made it to market. Nevertheless, this could be a look at what the future holds for your online and mobile advertisements.

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