Apple Making App Store More Convenient for Chinese Cardholders

Apple Making App Store More Convenient for Chinese Cardholders

December 3, 2014         Written By Bill Hardekopf

In an effort to improve convenience for Chinese credit and debit cardholders, Apple has revamped its App Store specifically for China UnionPay cards. The new options available through the App Store will open the doors for more than 4.5 billion China UnionPay cards worldwide.

China UnionPay offers the only bank card in China, and until now, it has been difficult to use this card in the App Store. Cardholders would have to go through a three-step process: selecting their bank, setting up an online payment and depositing a minimum of $8 onto a prepaid account before making a purchase.

Under the new system, users can simply link their Apple ID with their UnionPay credit or debit card to make on-tap purchases whenever they want.

China makes up Apple’s second largest market for app downloads. Expanding the App Store purchase options for UnionPay cards is expected to be a very positive move for the company.

The smartphone market in China is also extremely profitable right now for Apple because of the demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Every day, Chinese resellers line up outside of Apple stores in the United States to buy out the day’s supply of iPhone 6 models, even though it is now three months after the release date.

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