New App Helps Australian Schools Go Cashless

May 13, 2014, Written By Lynn Oldshue
New App Helps Australian Schools Go Cashless

Commonwealth Bank and MasterCard have developed an app called Qkr to allow Australian parents to pay for school expenses with their mobile phones. Rather than giving their kids cash for school meals and fundraisers, parents can now take care of those costs through their smartphones.

The app has been tested in eight schools since July 2013 and is now being used in a total of 17 schools.

There are several advantages that come with the Qkr app. It gives parents a simple way to manage their child’s school money, and it also allows them to pay for various expenses without stopping into the school. Qkr also reduces the amount of cash that schools are responsible for carrying on-site, and it leads to fewer trips to the bank.

One of the first schools to sign up for the pilot program was the Mentone Primary School in Melbourne. Principal Marcelle Van Maanen said, “QkR is one of those things that, once you’ve tried it, you realize you just can’t live without it. The customization and reporting features are easy to use, but it’s also meant that parents aren’t coming into school to pay for things all the time–we’ve actually got our foyer back.”

There is no word of a release date for the app in other countries.

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