Android Pay Will Stop Supporting Grandfathered Cards on October 14

October 3, 2016, Written By Natalie Rutledge
Android Pay Will Stop Supporting Grandfathered Cards on October 14

Android Pay is beginning to gain popularity, allowing Google to loosen some of its “accommodating” policies that were initially designed to draw people to the mobile app. As of October 14, Android Pay will no longer support grandfathered credit cards that users brought in from Google Wallet.

When Android Pay initially launched, users were allowed to transfer over their credit cards from Google Wallet, even if they were not from a supported bank. Users could continue to utilize the wallet and all of its features even if cards were not directly part of Android Pay’s network. Google is getting rid of this provision so that only cards on its list of participating banks can be used in Android Pay.

While Google has not revealed a specific reason for making this change, it has issued an email to Android Pay users who will be affected by the change. The email details which card or cards will no longer be valid in the user’s Android Pay wallet.

“When we launched Android Pay, we wanted to make sure you could continue using this card since you used it to tap and pay with the old Google Wallet. However, we were only able to support this for a limited time.”

The email goes on to say that Google will notify the user if that card is supported in the future.

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