Americans Long to Have More Fun

Americans Long to Have More Fun

April 12, 2016         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Apparently, there is “fun gap” in the United States, according to a Chase Freedom Unlimited Card survey. Almost everyone (97%) agrees it’s important to have fun, but 58% of the survey respondents said they feel as if they cannot live a fun, happy life.

Only 53% of Americans said they’re having enough fun, and 47% said they limit their fun on purpose.

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A Stanford University psychologist, Dr. Emma Seppälä, said people need to inject fun and happiness in their days if they hope to lead a stress-free life.

“If we focus on boosting fun and happiness in our lives, even in little ways, research suggests we can end up more productive, charismatic, energetic and innovative,” said Dr. Seppälä. “The Chase Freedom Unlimited Card survey results suggest that there are unlimited opportunities for fun in everyday moments, experiences and things.”

Cash back credit cards are a great way to earn some extra fun money, and issuers have made these cards more lucrative in the past year. Chase enhanced their Freedom card which is now called the Chase Freedom Unlimited®. Cardholders receive 1.5% cash back on everything they buy, which they can redeem for cash.

“Our customers use their cards for the essentials in life and enjoy their cash back for fun things,” said Pam Codispoti, President of Chase Branded Cards. “Our new Chase Freedom Unlimited® card gives people 1.5% cash back on everything they buy and they can use their cash back for little things like coffee or save them up for a larger event like a spa day.”

The study was conducted by ORC International, and surveyed 1,013 Americans 18 and older.

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