American Express Partners with Chegg on Textbook Buyback Program

American Express Partners with Chegg on Textbook Buyback Program

April 29, 2013         Written By Lynn Oldshue

College students who use Chegg to sell their textbooks now have a new way to receive their money.

American Express has announced a partnership with Chegg that will allow these students to deposit buyback money to a Serve prepaid card.

Chegg, a longstanding name in textbook rentals online, pays students for their used textbooks with no charges for shipping. Students send their textbooks into Chegg and traditionally, Chegg sends them a check for the value of the books. Now, if students want to bypass the wait and hassle of cashing a check, they can just have the money put into their Serve account. The transaction will happen in a matter of minutes.

Both American Express and Chegg are striving to help college students learn how to manage their money better. Elizabeth Harz, Chegg’s vice president of business development, said “Saving students time, money and helping them get smarter is what Chegg is all about. Teaming with Serve helps us deliver on this charter and provides American Express an authentic connection to this important and influential audience of 18 to 24 year olds.”

Chegg customers who open a Serve account and make a purchase with that Serve card before August 30, 2013 will get a $10 credit. These students may also enjoy the financial protection that American Express provides for every one of their accounts.

With the college semester coming to an end, this is an ideal time for Chegg to introduce this tie-in with the American Express Serve card.

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