American Express Offers $50 Sign-Up Bonus on Serve Card

American Express Offers $50 Sign-Up Bonus on Serve Card

June 19, 2013         Written By Sarah Hefner

It you were thinking about signing up for the Serve card from American Express, this is a good time because the issuer is offering a $50 bonus for new cardholders. The bonus for signing up for the card ends September 30.

To receive the $50 credit, you must sign up and activate the Serve card, enroll in Direct Deposit from your employer and receive a minimum of two qualifying Direct Deposit transfers of at least $250 which must post on or before August 31, 2013.

Serve has fewer fees than a number of prepaid cards, offers online tracking of your spending, and comes with many of the benefits you’d find on an American Express credit card such as purchase protection and roadside assistance.

The information contained within this article was accurate as of June 19, 2013. For up-to-date
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