American Express Launches ReceiptMatch to Simplify Expense Tracking

May 22, 2013, Written By Natalie Rutledge
American Express Launches ReceiptMatch to Simplify Expense Tracking

Ever get tired of figuring out where charges on your business credit card came from? With ReceiptMatch from American Express, you don’t have to. This new program was launched a couple weeks ago to give business owners a simple way to manage their expenses and keep track of their receipts. Here’s how it works:

  1. You take a picture of a receipt with the ReceiptMatch mobile app.
  2. ReceiptMatch sorts through your transactions to pair that receipt with the corresponding charge on your card.
  3. You look through your account online to find specific receipts you need at any time.

You may also upload receipts from your computer, or send an email to

ReceiptMatch is available with every business card from American Express Business, and it is completely free to use. If you’re used to working with something like a Neat Desk scanner, this kicks that idea into overdrive. Not only does it store your receipts for future reference, but it also saves you from having to match them to your credit card statements. This frees up more time for more important aspects of your business.

ReceiptMatch also comes with the ability to download your current history to your computer so you can see everything at once. You can view a year-end summary for the account or manage the account online. You can also get custom spending and limit alerts to prevent you from over-using your card. In addition, you can share your account information with your business partner, assistant and other necessary parties so everyone stays “in the loop.”

If you have a business credit card from American Express Business, check out what ReceiptMatch can do for you.

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