American Express and Amazon to Launch Small Business Credit Card

American Express and Amazon to Launch Small Business Credit Card

June 27, 2018         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Amazon and American Express are partnering to launch a new small business credit card. Many of the details have yet to be ironed out, but the card is set to target businesses with less than $10 million in annual revenue.

This will be the first small business card for Amazon, and the first Amazon card backed by America Express. In March, Amazon was rumored to be in discussion with JPMorgan Chase about the development of a small business card, but that deal has now been consummated with American Express.

The rewards structure is still unknown, but there will most likely be a cash back system for Amazon purchases, as well as rewards for bulk business supplies.

While most companies remain loyal to one card provider for all co-branded cards, Amazon works with several providers. Chase issues the Amazon Prime Visa Signature Card and the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card (for non-Prime members). Synchrony Bank issues the Store Card, which can only be used for Amazon purchases.

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