Amazon Opens ‘Amazon Storefronts’ to Showcase American Small Businesses

Amazon Opens ‘Amazon Storefronts’ to Showcase American Small Businesses

September 17, 2018         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Today, Amazon launched a new section of their website called Amazon Storefronts. This area exclusively features products sold by American-owned small- and mid-sized businesses.

Amazon Storefronts currently includes over one million products from 20,000 businesses across all 50 states. According to Amazon, half the products sold on their website come from small- and medium-sized businesses. Storefronts is a platform to showcase those items in “curated collections,” such as pet supplies, travel, jewelry and home products.

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Amazon will also feature a new small business every week, highlighting some of the top-selling products from the company and information about its founders. Users can also explore businesses based on their fundamentals, such as “family-focused businesses” or “women-owned businesses.”

The businesses in Amazon Storefronts all have high ratings, increasing the likelihood of customers having a positive experience. Since they are all based in the United States, Amazon can provide slightly faster shipping for these products.

In addition to launching Storefronts, Amazon is releasing a new television campaign featuring actual small business owners on the platform. The campaign will be used to entice more small business owners to sell on Amazon, answering the question: “Why Amazon and not somewhere else?”

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