Amazon Launches Its First Mobile Wallet

Amazon Launches Its First Mobile Wallet

July 29, 2014         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Amazon’s first mobile wallet quietly debuted on the Amazon Appstore and Google Play last week. The app is designed to be used at checkout terminals for dozens of merchants.

While the idea of a mobile wallet implies storing credit card and debit card information, the current version of Amazon Wallet only supports gift cards and loyalty cards. The app promotes itself as being able to reduce the clutter in your wallet or purse, but how many of us really have that much clutter in store rewards cards?

In the current state, Amazon Wallet converts gift cards and loyalty cards into a digital format that can then be scanned at the register. Users can also check their gift card balances in stores to see what they have left to spend. Of course, a lot of merchants already provide that information on their card receipts.

Amazon has also launched a version of the wallet in its online store, which allows users to store account information on their credit cards, debit cards and checking accounts. These stored payment options can be used in the online store but not at point-of-sale terminals.

The new Amazon Wallet is considered to be in its beta form, and it looks like significant improvements are needed.

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