Amazon Employees Strike in Germany; Disrupt Holiday Deliveries

Amazon Employees Strike in Germany; Disrupt Holiday Deliveries

December 21, 2015         Written By John H. Oldshue

Within the last week, workers at six of Amazon’s nine warehouses in Germany launched a strike over low pay and poor work conditions. While this primarily impacts Amazon shipments in the European market, some industry experts believe it could spark a strike in other parts of the world in the near future.

As we approach the final days before Christmas, retailers and shipping companies alike are scurrying to meet their deadlines and keep up with overwhelming online sales volumes that began Thanksgiving weekend. Just last week, UPS and other shipping companies reported lower-than-normal on-time delivery statistics because of the significant jump in online holiday shopping this year. A strike at a major online retailer like Amazon could have catastrophic results at this time of the year.

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Germany is Amazon’s largest European market, and is the second largest market for the company worldwide. It staffs 10,000 warehouse workers, in addition to 10,000 seasonal workers. Nevertheless, a spokeswoman from Amazon told Reuters, “There is absolutely no impact on our customer delivery promise. The vast majority of our employees are working.” Amazon uses 29 warehouses throughout Europe to fill their orders, and not all of the employees from the six striking warehouses actually participated in the strike.

For now, Amazon’s American shipments are still on track to make it in time for Christmas.

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