Amazon Buys 20,000 Vans for Its Small Business Delivery Initiative

Amazon Buys 20,000 Vans for Its Small Business Delivery Initiative

September 5, 2018         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Amazon is acquiring 20,000 new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans for entrepreneurs to use in their new delivery program. The vans will be managed by a separate fleet vehicle company, but will all have the Prime logo on the side.

Earlier this year, the company announced they would pay Amazon Delivery Service Partners $75,000 to $300,000 a year to run a fleet of delivery vehicles. Amazon has since received “tens of thousands” of applications for the program, with a plan to select around 500 people to kick off the program.

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Due to the high volume of shipments Amazon has each day, the company is looking to break away from traditional delivery providers, such as FedEx and UPS. They want to turn their focus to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Amazon says Delivery Service Partners do not have to have logistics experience. They will provide those training and tools.

Becoming an Amazon Delivery Service Partner does come at a small price. The startup costs for the program are $10,000+, but Amazon will waive the fee for some veterans. Amazon provides a three week hands-on training course for Partners, along with two weeks of in-field training with some existing fleet owners.

Amazon is currently taking applications for Delivery Service Partners on its website.

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