AliPay App Gets a New Name and a Big Upgrade

AliPay App Gets a New Name and a Big Upgrade

July 14, 2015         Written By Natalie Rutledge

The AliPay mobile app, formerly AliPay Wallet, is now known as AliPay 9.0 and has been designed to improve the experience that over 400 million annual subscribers in China receive through the online payment system.

AliPay 9.0 includes a reformatted interface designed for mobile devices. 80% of AliPay users actively utilize the e-payment services on their phones and tablets, so the new app has been made to provide faster, simpler navigation for consumers. Users will now have an easier way to pay for products at their favorite shops and restaurants, as well as having the opportunity to earn discounts and e-coupons directly through the upgraded app. They may also share products with friends and family members they find through AliPay 9.0.

The new AliPay app is no longer a wallet. Instead it is a ‘super app,’ a “platform which will change the way you shop, the way you spend and the way you manage your finances,” said Fan Zhiming, President of Ant Financial’s payment business unit, the company in charge of AliPay.

The upgraded wallet is available for iOS and Android phones, and now includes tabs for Merchants and Friends. This gives users an easier way to organize their activities and manage their finances. Users can search for nearby restaurants and get applicable coupons, and can use their mobile wallets to pay for products and services. For China, this is just one more step in the right direction for the latest in payment technology.

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