Alibaba Launches Mobile App Equipped with Apple Pay

Alibaba Launches Mobile App Equipped with Apple Pay

November 19, 2014         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Chinese ecommerce merchant Alibaba is making its way into the United States market, thanks to their retail store on the web called 11 Main.

Alibaba customers can make purchases with new mobile apps for both iPhone and Android phones. An iPad app will come out some time later this year. With the new app, shoppers from the United States and China can browse for goods on their smartphones through a condensed and convenient app.

“Our strategic priorities are to continue to maximize our growth with China’s relatively under-penetrated online shopping population and to increase opportunities for merchants in the U.S. and internationally to sell their goods into China,” Jim Wilkinson, Alibaba’s senior vice president of international corporate affairs, told USA Today.

Perhaps the biggest news is that the new apps support the use of Apple Pay. Shoppers can also choose to enter their credit card numbers manually to make a payment, but those who have switched to Apple Pay will have no issues shopping with the new processor.

Of Alibaba’s 307 million shoppers, 217 million use the mobile apps to browse and make purchases. The company’s mobile sales for the 12 months that ended in September were $95 billion, according to USA Today.

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